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    Precision in Appraisal

    Valuations That Speak Volumes

    Experience unmatched appraisal precision that elevates your real estate decisions.

    Trusted Evaluations

    4 Decades of Appraisal Expertise at Your Doorstep

    Real Estate & Appraisal Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the appraisal industry. With over 46 years of experience, our team of certified appraisers brings unparalleled expertise to every assessment. Our services cover every need with precision. Unlike our competitors, we hold the highest state and federal certifications and provide services tailored to the unique demands of the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our commitment to quality is evident in our detailed reports, strategic counseling, and competitive pricing. We understand the complexities of real estate valuation and navigate them with skill and dedication.

    Our origination in 1980 was built on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and client-focused solutions. Today, we continue to uphold these values, offering a range of payment options and online status reports for convenience. Whether you are facing legal, financial, or development challenges, our team is equipped to deliver results that exceed customer expectations.

    Your Valuation Partners

    Expert Appraisal Services That Transform Real Estate in Spring Hill, FL, and All of Central Florida

    Finding reliable appraisal services can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The process is fraught with stress, especially when accuracy is critical for legal, financial, or personal reasons. Based in Weeki Wachee, FL, and serving Spring Hill, FL, and the rest of Central Florida, Real Estate & Appraisal Services emerges as your specialized solution provider, cutting through the confusion with expertise and efficiency. With all the necessary certifications and over 46 years of experience, we stand unique against competitors, offering a foundation of trust and reliability. 

    Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients across commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. We offer comprehensive appraisal services, including commercial real estate appraisal, residential real estate appraisal, date of death appraisal, tax abatement appraisal, divorce appraisal, and consulting. Our team dives deep into the intricacies of each appraisal type, ensuring every valuation is precise and backed by defendable data and solid expertise. Our approach not only alleviates the stress associated with property valuation but also brings a sense of clarity and direction. Choosing Real Estate & Appraisal Services means opting for a partner who understands the nuances of your real estate challenges and is committed to providing a straightforward path to resolution.

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    Dive Into Professional Appraisal

    Start Your Valuation Journey

    Reliable Evaluations

    Accuracy Beyond Numbers

    In the world of real estate, the value of trust cannot be overstated. At Real Estate & Appraisal Services, we earn that trust through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy that goes beyond just numbers. Our extensive experience and education, coupled with the highest level of certification, sets us apart from the competition. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, whether it’s a commercial entity, a residential homeowner, an investor, or an industrial or marine developer.

    Our team’s expertise is not just in valuation, but in providing strategic insights and solutions that address the core needs of our clients. From establishing values to help make decisions in property disputes to planning estates, our appraisals are a critical tool for making informed decisions. We do not just deliver reports; we deliver assurance through knowledge and precision. Choosing us means not just hiring an appraiser; you are partnering with experts who are as invested in your success as you are.

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    Take the First Step To Accurate Property Valuation

    At Real Estate & Appraisal Services, we specialize in a wide range of appraisal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various property types in Spring Hill, FL, and all of Central Florida. Whether you are looking at marinas, mobile home parks, multifamily complexes, or adult living facilities, our expertise ensures accurate and comprehensive evaluations. Our skilled appraisers also handle office buildings, industrial spaces, and shopping centers, delivering detailed reports that support your financial and strategic decisions. For those in the hospitality industry, we offer precise appraisals for service stations, hotels, restaurants, and bed & breakfast establishments, providing insights that help optimize operations and investment outcomes.

    Additionally, our team excels in conducting feasibility studies and subdivision analysis appraisals, crucial for development and restructuring projects. We even have the niche expertise required for island appraisals, a unique service that highlights our ability to manage and execute complex appraisal tasks. With over 46 years of experience and the necessary certifications, we ensure that every appraisal is conducted with thoroughness and professionalism, making us a trusted partner in your real estate ventures.

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    Our Services

    Appraisal Services We Offer

    Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial real estate appraisal offers strategic counseling and market analysis to maximize your property’s potential. Our certified appraisers ensure precision and competitive pricing.

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    Residential Real Estate Appraisal

    Choose us for home appraisals and receive detailed evaluations for a variety of needs, from FSBO to FHA to estate planning. Our expertise ensures accurate and comprehensive reports.

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    Date of Death Appraisals

    Date of death appraisals are crucial for fair asset distribution. Our experienced appraisers provide accurate valuations for estate and probate purposes.

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    Tax Abatement Appraisals

    Tax abatement appraisals can significantly reduce your property tax burden. We deliver detailed appraisals to challenge overvaluations effectively.

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    Divorce Appraisals

    Divorce appraisals require sensitivity and accuracy. Our appraisers ensure accurate values with comprehensive, unbiased property evaluations.

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    Unlock your property’s full potential with professional real estate consulting. Our tailored solutions span from curb appeal enhancements to detailed subdivision analysis, ensuring your investment grows.

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    Certified General Appraiser

    Meet Our Founder

    founder real estate

    Daniel L. Amato

    Cert Gen RZ4363

    Daniel L. Amato

    Cert Gen RZ4363

    State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser

    • Certifications
      • Certified General Appraiser
      • Certified Expert Witness Federal Bankruptcy
      • Certified Property & Energy Audit Inspector
      • Certified FHA Appraiser
      • Review Appraiser
      • Certified OSHA
      • Certified SBA
      • Certified General R.E. Appraiser Instructor
      • Certified FEMA & Environmental Inspector
      • Certified Expert Witness
      • Certified R.E. Broker
      • Certified R.E. Exchanger
      • Certified International Barter Expert
    • Education
      • Master Degree Real Estate
      • BA Real Estate
      • Nuclear Engineering
      • 1031 Exchange Certification
    • Professional Organizations
      • National Board Realtor -National
      • Board Realtor, FL
      • Board Realtor, SC
      • Board Realtor, NC
      • West Pasco Board of Realtors
      • Appraisal Foundation Advisor – National
      • Board Realtor CRCBR -National
      • International Real Estate Exchanger Group – Broker
      • Real Estate Exchanger – Broker, FL
      • Gulf Coast School – Instructor, FL
      • Stellar MLS
      • TSU – Consultant, TX
      • M.I.T. -Consultant, Mass.
      • Lawrence Livermore National Lab. – Consultant, CA
      • University of Israel – Consultant, Israel
      • Wyatt Yachts Co.-Broker, FL
      • Commercial Board Of Realtors
      • FIA International Professional Driver
      • Sport Car Club of America -National, P.D.
    • Awards
      • Board of Realtor Award
      • Bank of America Spirit Award
      • Instructor Award
      • Real Estate Exchanger of the Year Award
      • Certified International Barter Expert


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